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 Nothing captures the imagination of both children and adults like dinosaurs.  Hi, my name is Neil Brown and my life is filled with dinosaurs.  A dinosaur can spark your imagination and your willingness to excel in science like nothing else. 

So, I decided to devote my life to teaching both children and adults all about dinosaurs. Take a look below to see how many dinosaur related topics you can get involed with. From dinosaur parties, dinosaur school assemblies, dinosaur fossils, dinosaur digs, and even dinosaur corporate events.

dinosaur dinosaurs


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Dinosaur Birthday Parties
dinosaur dinosaurs
Real cool presentation/show with genuine fossils, minerals and a real fossil dig where you can find and keep real fossils.
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 Gems Rock Birthday Party
OK - so while dinosaurs were roaming around the earth a lot of volcanic activity was taking place as well. And, a lot of this volcanic activity resulted in some of the most sought afer gemstones in the world. Here's a great way to experience GEMSTONE MINING and find, keep and take home genuine rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, peridot, aquamarine plus lots more.
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 Dinosaur School Assemblies
School Assemblies and After School Programs with Dinosaurs Rock will spark your students imagination and give them an educational experience second to none.
Why Go On A Field Trip When...
We Bring The Museum To You!
School Assemblies and After School Programs will never be the same again! Complement your Dinosaur, Rock and Mineral curriculum and bring it to life...Imagine, your kids can take home genuine fossils or a mineral collection!
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 Rocks and Minerals
School Assemblies

Students will learn about "rocks" that they actually eat on a daily basis. Plus, get samples of rocks and minerals we use regularly. We rarely stop to think about the fact that almost every item in our homes comes from some form of rock or mineral dug up from the earth.
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Dinosaur Skulls
dinosaur skulls
Cast from the original specimen, these dinosaur skulls can be pruchased at our Dinosaurs Rock Super Store.
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Dinosaur Claws
dinosaur claws
All of these Dinosaur Claws were cast from original specimens. They are cast in either resin, fiberglass or hydrostone. All of these Dinosaur Claws can be seen in Museums around the world.
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Dinosaur Footprints
dinosaur footprints
You can own one of the giant cast T-REX Footprints you see above. See that plus many others at our Dinosaurs Rock Super Store.
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Join Us On A Real Fossil dig In UTAH
Dinosaurs Rock Fossil Dig (Utah)
Unbelievable fossil hunting, huge geodes to find, topaz gemstone hunting, plus lots more!
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  Look At Our DINOSAUR SUPERSTORE For Incredible Genuine Fossils and Gifts for the Holidays

Dinosaur Replicas of Museum Quality Can Be Found At Our Dinosaurs Rock SuperStore

 dinosaur replica claw

dinosaur replica eggs 

 dinosaur replica skulls

dinosaur replica footprints